Jess Koehn! How?!

It’s officially here guys. I’m arrived at a new height of elder… My first year of students are graduating this year! Way back nine years ago, I was beginning my first year as a fourth grade teacher. It was probably a terrible learning year for my students… I know it was a great learning year for me though. Thank you Jesus that there’s only one first year of teaching. HA!

Aside from that, I remember one of my students very vividly. I actually got the privilege of having him twice, and not because of retention! 🙂 He was in my first fourth grade class and again in my first sixth grade class. Anyway, Jess is a hard one to forget. Anyone who’s been around him knows that. The one thing that sticks out the most was in fourth grade whenever someone did something Jess thought was neat, he’d exclaim very loudly, “YIPPEE!” in only his tone of voice. I actually mimic this with my own family now… a Koehnism lives in the Henry house. Be proud, Jess, be proud.

Glad I got to take a few senior shots with this one. He still has that same charming smile and a little bit of fire to go with it too. Congratulations Jess! So excited to see what life has for you!

IMG_3330 IMG_3358 IMG_3370 IMG_3402 IMG_3425 IMG_3444 IMG_3452

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