The Third Milestone

Evie has been asking nonstop, “Am I three yet, mommy?” Finally, she’s arrived! For whatever reason, she had decided that she was not big until she turned three… so we officially have a big girl in the house now! She desperately wants to be big just like her mommy and daddy! Here’s my brag list: the things she does at three! (Again, this list is mostly for ME a few years from now, doubtful you care too terribly much about my daughter’s everyday tasks! Go ahead, just look at the pictures at this point!)

  • Puts her dirty clothes in the laundry basket
  • Puts her own pants on
  • No more diapers! (We still have to tell her to go potty. Wishing this was further along!)
  • Descends and ascends stairs alone
  • Eats really slowly, but very well!
  • Stays relatively clean at meal times (we’ve finally done away with the bibs)
  • Is very perceptive
  • Asks a question instead of demanding, “I want…”
  • Memorizes Scripture (I recommend I Can Learn the Bible)
  • Pulls up her own covers (can also make her own bed with coaching)
  • Opens the refrigerator, front door and back door without help
  • Knows most of her letters and the sounds they make (and can even give a word that starts with the letter many times!)
  • Counts to 15 (20 on a good day)
  • Loves games (or just the pieces of games…)
  • Lets me know that little brother is getting really big in my belly (and asks every day if he’s ready to come out)
  • Can tell what hour it is (“It’s 7:00! It’s time to get out of bed!”)
  • Gets out of bed a lot
  • Loves to have her nails painted
  • Adores the water (much different from the last list I made!)
  • Plays in her kitchen often
  • Sings lots of songs (loves to make up her own lyrics to familiar melodies and is always humming a tune)
  • Draws circles and faces with eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
  • Can emulate writing her name (I write an E, she writes an “E”)
  • Likes to practice using scissors
  • Plays “I Spy” and “Hide-and-seek”
  • Loves being outside and running around
  • Loves finding sticks, rocks and bugs on the ground
  • Drinks all her milk to have reeeeaaaallly strong bones
  • Climbs in and out of her booster seat on her own
  • Washes her hands and face on her own
  • Loves to read the same books over and over again
  • Snuggles in her big girl bed even when it’s not time for bed (loves wrapping up in blankets)
  • Remembers things from days and weeks ago
  • Will rarely be caught without Mamadoo the dolly. Her favorite thing to do is fling her babies and stars into the sky!
  • Is beginning to listen, make the wise choice, and obey (it is only the beginning… some days I’m pretty sure she hasn’t made any progress. Argh.)
  • Will watch a whole movie and loves watching “Saturday morning cartoons” (Daniel Tiger, Peppa Pig, Curious George, Super Why!)
  • Loves all things miniature

_DSC9591 IMG_2749 IMG_2750 IMG_2754 IMG_2765 IMG_2777 IMG_2782 IMG_2785

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