For Evie Dear on Her Birthday

Evie Lynn,

Happy birthday, sweetheart! You have finally made it to three years old… something you’ve been asking about for months! This is big girl status in your world, and it’s so true! Although you’ve been slowly growing into that big girl over the course of the last year, little by little I’ve seen glimpses of a maturing lady. I am so grateful for you.

You do things I never thought a girl your age would be capable of doing. I can see how God is shaping you into someone very uniquely gifted. The way you can articulate how you feel, the things you seem to understand, the tender heart you have for those in need, the random bits of memory you seem to pull out of nowhere — all these traits point to a picture of you that is only beginning to form. It will only become clearer over the next several years, and I greatly anticipate what that clarity will show in your life!

I have loved to spend this summer learning how to speak into your heart. I’m so proud of the way you listen to daddy and I as we are learning to teach you about Jesus, how you hide his Word in your heart, and how you are beginning to show your love for Him by obedience. I get excited to see you using your parents as a guide to shepherd your own little flock. Right now, it’s the baby dolls, the stuffed buggy, and the crazy, kinky haired creatures of your room. But before I know it, I’ll be watching you as you begin to shepherd your siblings, friends, and then a family of your own.  It’s given me a new passion to shepherd my family. It’s shown me how much of an influence I can have for you to know the Lord, and for the people within your reach to follow suit. It’s a big job, but luckily, Jesus is the powerful one doing the hard work through me.

As the years march on, something I hope and pray for our family is a continued closeness. I want to keep on knowing you. I want to keep a transparency within our family that makes us able to talk about anything with each other. I want you to feel that freedom within our home’s walls. We will always be a family you can open your heart to.

As the days of a one child family are rapidly declining, I look back and thank God for the three years we’ve had together, just you and daddy and me. You’ve taught us so much about how to be a family over the course of three years. I am so thankful to have you as our teacher. Without a doubt, I know that you’ve got a bunch more lessons up your sleeve for when your baby brother arrives. Always know that you are our special girl who brings us such great joy, and no one will be able to change that about you… not a new baby, not anyone!

Evie, you’re my sweetheart baby girl forever, even though for now in your mind, you’re my sweetheart big girl. Know that you are loved beyond all measure… yes, by your parents, but also by your Creator!

Let’s give year three a go, whaddaya say? I love you!



One thought on “For Evie Dear on Her Birthday

  1. Well that was a tear jerker! I am so thankful for your gift of words Shauna girl! Evie is learning from the best teacher there ever was! 🙂 She is so lucky to have such a sweet mom and dad to love her.

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