Happy Birthday, America!

An eventful day we had on the fourth of July this year… our whole day was accounted for! Morning breakfast and such at the Henry’s to say farewell to them before they left for Alaska, a fun few hours at Oakdale Park celebrating America’s birthday with free food, music and games, and then an evening filled with booms and chasing my child around at my parents’ house. We even got the ice cream maker out… the kids were so excited to see Grandpa Baldwin making ice cream, and when it was finished, Evie exclaimed, “ICE CREAM IS IN THE HOUSE!!” What a goof. We had a great time celebrating!

Evie did surprisingly well with the fireworks! So glad she had some earmuffs to dampen the sounds. It was the first year we actually kept her up late enough to watch the show around mom and dad’s neighborhood and she thought it was pretty cool. On the way home, she wanted to sing Happy Birthday to America and we listened to the Star Spangled Banner before bed. What a patriotic girl! Ha ha!

Here are some fun photos of our day!


_DSC9603_DSC9620 _DSC9617 _DSC9676 _DSC9677 _DSC9683 _DSC9692 _DSC9700 _DSC9707 _DSC9713 _DSC9718

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