A New Addition!

Here we are again… the newest thing in our little family: we’re expecting Baby Henry #2! It’s been a “lay low” type of first three months, full of early bedtimes and constant snacking to stay out of Nausealand for me. Despite the somewhat difficult beginning, we are nothing but ecstatic to meet our littlest family member in September!

Just three days shy of my birthday, September 24 is the official due date. We sure do have a great way of planning these things. Evie was born on the second day of school at SES and move-in weekend at KWU almost three years ago (the beginning of the chaotic fall semester), and this babe is supposed to be born on the weekend of Fall Conference, our biggest Challenge event of the year! What a fun time it’ll prove to be! Needless to say, I probably won’t be camping this year. Ha!

When told Evie one night around the dinner table, she was very surprised! Upon hearing the news, she said, “OH! There’s a baby in your belly, mommy?” She was adamant about me not showing my belly to her after that. She was pretty cute though, after reading The Berenstain Bears’ New Baby that night, she was all about getting a bigger bed. She went into her room at bedtime saying, “I’m too big for this bed. I need a big bed!” I was afraid she wouldn’t sleep in her crib-turned-toddler-bed ever again (as she is going through the two year sleep regression, there’s an excuse for everything related to sleep), but luckily she worked it out in her head. She’s going to be a great sister judging by how much she loves her baby dolls.

I announced to my class via a friendly game of hangman. Can you believe that they never even missed ONE letter? They were all into it… squealing with delight once they figured out what the blanks were. Such a fun moment to share with them!

Here’s our announcement photo… making a two is hard for Evie still, but she got it done! 🙂


Adding homie #2 to the Henry gang in September 2016!

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