10 Things I [Don’t] Hate About You

The day of love has come and gone. As I sit here eating Sour Patch from my Valentine box this evening, it occurs to me that I always write a Valentine post. Can’t break a tradition, so this year I’m going all lovey-dovey on you.

I decided to make a few lists (in honor of the epic chick flick starring Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles… tell me you didn’t forget) of 10 Things I [Don’t] Hate About You. And by you, I mean Logan and Evie. They are my loves. These are some of the little things I love right now about the loves of my life.


  1. I love that you make the bed each morning. Your quiet service to me never goes unnoticed, and the list is long.
  2. I love how you build me up and encourage me. Even when I am literally looking/acting like I came out of the pit of Hades, you find ways to compliment me.
  3. I love how you are so knowledgeable. What you don’t know, you find out. I admire your zeal to learn.
  4. I love that you start my truck and load all my junk in it every morning. I’d be late a lot of days without you here.
  5. I love how we are equals. You lead our family with humility enough to shove out dominance. I love working together alongside you.
  6. I love that you are an optimist in the midst of my negativity. Thank you for pulling me toward the light.
  7. I love how you’re not afraid to get in the kitchen and cook a meal. I’m dazzled at your ability to follow instructions! You make great spaghetti, and I was really impressed that you knew to add extra cheese to make our frozen pizzas a little tastier.
  8. I love how mindful and protective you are of our family time. I can see your priorities loud and clear in our home.
  9. I love how when Evie and I get home from work, you come meet us at the truck. Evie looks forward to seeing Daddy at her window each day! Oh, and so do I.
  10. I love that you love Jesus. Make no mistake, his central presence in our relationship is what makes this love thing work out.

Evie Lynn

  1. I love how you blow kisses from bed. As many as you can squeeze in before I pull the door shut. It’s so darn sweet, girl.
  2. I love how you are obsessed with listening to music. I love how you ask to listen in the car by saying, “Can I listen to music on the top [I guess the music sounds like it’s coming out above her or something]?” and when Twinkle Twinkle comes on you say, “This is MY SONG!”
  3. I love how you are always wanting to “play a game,” even though it just means messing around with all the pieces.
  4. I love how you always want to come with me to my classroom.
  5. I love how you find it within yourself to ask at the dinner table, “How was your work?”
  6. I love how you act like you’re still my “little tiny baby” sometimes. You ask to be swaddled, rocked, and given a fake bottle. Your little “wa” is so soft and gentle. I especially love how you still love to be wrapped up this way after your baths.
  7. I love how your sweet little voice says all sorts of sophisticated things like, “This place stinks to high heaven! Pee-ew!” or “I need to see the moon.” or “You’re feeling a little bit sick? I’m going to call the doctor. Here’s some medicine, you’re all better now!”
  8. I love how you love going on walks. This is one of our family’s favorite pastimes.
  9. I love how you treasure our family being together. “We’re all together!” is something you notice and strive for.
  10. I love how you care deeply about the feelings of others. Your poor little baby dolls, stars and pillow; when one is left behind, you are so in tune with its loneliness and the amount of crying that the object is experiencing. Or whenever Silas is getting in trouble by his mom, you run to his rescue, coming between him and the “source of evil” and saying, “NO TARA. DON’T.” Sorry about that, Tara.

I’m lucky in love.

(I guess Logan and I think alike… we were working on sending these Red Stamp creations to each other at the same time on Sunday morning while I was home with a sickie Evie and he was sound boothing all morning. Happy Valentine’s Day… ha ha!)

IMG_0203 IMG_5368

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