My Grandma “B”

January has been a tough month of goodbyes. Just last Saturday, we got together with my Grandma Baldwin to finally celebrate Christmas. We had a great time together laughing and watching the kids run around like crazy. This Saturday, the mood is much different, as we lay Grandma to rest.

As I mourn the loss of my sweet grandma, I can’t help but think of all the ways we connected throughout my life. She was always up for anything, and took us grandkids on many unforgettable adventures. From Sears portrait studio photo shoots in our swimsuits, to the Fantasea waterpark; from Milford lake picnics and campfires at the camper, to golf cart woes by the water; from knitting and crocheting, to building gingerbread houses complete with tiny evergreens and ice skating rinks; from Long John Silver’s extra crunchies, to crunch cones at Dairy Queen.

My grandma was a jack-of-all-trades, the classic grandma.

She was a wonderful cook. My favorite memories of her cooking were a bit random, but I always loved her buttermilk ranch with anything, cherry limeades, and cinnamon apples at holidays. So many recipes that I’ll miss.

She was super crafty. She inspired me to pursue painting, calligraphy and gift wrapping. We always got little knick-knacks and ornaments that she had created for table favors and such. Her home is filled with her own creations. She had such a talent.

Grandma and I both loved to garden too. As I’ve grown up and into my own home, getting advice and sharing plant troubles and successes with each other was always fun. She was constantly talking about contacting the Geary County Extention Unit for this and that. She could make anything grow.

Other things I never want to forget: Peking Chinese food, easter egg hunts, sleepovers in the 6th and Jackson living room, A Christmas Story marathons, Lindsborg pool runs, ironing my graduation gown together, playing old school games on her computer, state fair days, the little “go-fish” game we used to play, digging through her walk-in pantry for snacks, her ever-teaching spirit (“let me just show you…”), playing in the backyard, our cake decorating how-to sessions, her heart adorned matching bath and hand towels, the giant pig-in-a-blanket rolling pin above her gas range, her sensitivity, her obsession with Watkins vanilla, her love for the harmonica and getting to watch her play at a tiny little country church one Sunday afternoon, playing CLR around the table, her creepy attic and basement, her laugh when we really got to rolling, that hot old blue car we used to ride in during the summer… I’ll probably just keep adding to this list as I remember the memories we shared, and adding photos as I find them as well.

It’s a shame it all had to end so soon. Grateful for your life, Grandma, and even more thankful that now you get to be with Jesus in the next.

Tara, Shauna, Grandma, Megan, Claire

Girl grandkids with Grandma! 2005


Tara and Grandma at Evie’s 2nd birthday 2015


Evie and Grandma 2014


Shauna and Grandma at Evie’s 2nd birthday 2015


Christmas 2013

IMG_4176 - Version 2

Grandma and Evie playing “This Little Piggy” at dad’s birthday 2014


Grandma and Silas

Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa


Holding her first great-grandchild for the first time 2013


Both my grandma’s at Tara’s college graduation 2006


Shauna and Tara with Grandma at the double baby shower 2013


Aunt Lana and Grandma 2013

Wedding Day- Tara and Grandma B

Tara and Grandma at Shauna’s wedding 2008


Grandma and Hubert with Evie 2013

Grandma's New Outfit

Grandma’s new outfit!


Aunt Brenda and Grandma at Evie’s 1st birthday party 2014

Grandma Christmas

Christmas at Grandma’s! 2004


Grandma and Hubert 2014

Copy (2) of Shauna1 001

Riding the train in Junction City – Christmas 1990-something

Shauna Tara Claire Christmas

Christmas dinner… oh man, there’s that RANCH!


Fun times at holidays!


At Manhattan splash park with Grandma 2015

Copy (3) of Shauna11

Christmas at Grandma’s! 1980-something

Grandma, Grandpa, Tara, Claire, Shauna

Tara, Shauna, Claire with Grandma and Grandpa! 2003

Shauna 07606

The Grandkids together – very rare! 1997

Copy (2) of Shauna 07606

More Christmas memories 1990-something

Shauna1 003

Easter Egg Hunting at Grandma’s! 1980-something

Shauna 42001

All the grandgirls together 1990-something

Gingerbread Houses

One of many gingerbread creations!


Grandma and Hubert! 2012


Cool Grandma!


Grandma and Evie 2014

Shauna Vanilla Drink

Watkins Vanilla.. you could drink it straight!

Tara Grandma B and Shauna

Sisters with Grandma

Gingerbread Houses Tara and Shauna 2

Another gingerbread year!


Passing the gingerbread tradition to Mu!

Grandma Harmonica 2

Grandma playing the harmonica


Fun day with Grandma 2012


Learning to crochet! 2012


Always gotta have Chinese. 2012

Christmas at Grandma's

Christmas at Grandma’s… always tons of tiny boxes! He he. 2005


Thanksgiving crafting!


Lacey and Mu join our gingerbread clan!

Graduation- Grandma B and Shauna

Grandma at Shauna’s college graduation 2008


Grandmas at my wedding 2008


Grandma in some F-Uggs.


In the kitchen!


Gotta love the snuggie.

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