Come Fly With Me!

I just love planning parties. I really do. Every time I tell myself I’m just going to go simple, it never works. Somehow over the course of a few months, I tell myself I’ll do just one more thing, and by the time the party arrives, it’s a production. What can I say? I guess I’ll embrace the party-planner within and go all out while Evie thinks my ideas are amazing. Ha! Lots of fun, lots of family, lots of sugar, and lots of wonderful gifts for the little lass made Evie’s special day one to remember!

Thank you to all our family who spoiled our baby doll rotten. So glad you could come celebrate with us!

An extra thanks to my friend Lizzie for sticking with me while making those blasted sugar cookies (everyone raved about how wonderful they were. They better darn well have been. Ha!), and to the Proffitt family for the jaw dropping deal you gave us on Riley’s old Barbie Jeep. Evie is in love!

IMG_4750IMG_4746 IMG_4789IMG_4793


IMG_4882 IMG_4851


IMG_5001 IMG_4977

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