Evie at Two

Things Evie does at TWO:

  1. Picks her own breakfast
  2. Peels a banana
  3. Wears mittens (it is August, you know.)
  4. Cries hysterically in the water, including baths. It’s lovely.
  5. Tries to sing actual songs (Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jesus Loves Me, ABC’s)
  6. Says, “New song!” a lot while listening to music
  7. Asks simple questions like, “Do you like slides?”
  8. Thinks every male singer is Jason Waller
  9. Tells us when she needs to go potty in the big toilet and wears underwear
  10. Loves tea parties
  11. Puts on her sunglasses and actually keeps them on
  12. Lets me help brush her teeth and loves me to brush her tongue. 
  13. Blows her nose with force!
  14. Loves to read books from the library
  15. Loves to find airplanes in the sky
  16. Climbs on the couch and onto our bed
  17. Brushes her teeth and puts the brush away
  18. Talks constantly (can pretty much hold a conversation with us)
  19. Tries to stall bedtime with excuses (We heard, “Clip my nails!” the other night. She HATES to clip her nails!)
  20. Buckles her own carseat chest buckle
  21. Likes to watch movies and TV, but loves to look at past pictures and videos on the phone or TV
  22. Enjoys Saturday morning “raccoons” (aka cartoons) with daddy
  23. Favorite food is ice cream, hands down. She also loves spaghetti, pizza, meatballs, and mac-and-cheese)
  24. Has a great memory for names of people
  25. Doesn’t listen really well
  26. Opens the front screen door
  27. Smiles on command
  28. Uses her imagination to play
  29. Loves to watch chicken videos
  30. Takes lots of wagon and stroller rides
  31. Wake up daddy in the mornings
  32. Gets excited when we have guests over or we are going somewhere
  33. Picks up her toys
  34. Drinks from a normal cup
  35. Loves her cousin Silas the best
  36. Counts to twenty (on a good day)
  37. Fills in the blanks of a song or a well-known book

IMG_4556 IMG_4561 IMG_4567 IMG_4577 IMG_4589 IMG_4599

IMG_4644 IMG_4614 IMG_4622 IMG_4636 IMG_4639

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