To My Dear Sweet Evie

Dear Evie,

Hey sweet girl! Here I am, writing you another letter on your birthday. I am so proud of you as I write this letter to my two-year-old girl. This year has been full of joy in my heart, baby doll. It’s crazy to think just this year you started walking. It seems like you’ve been doing that forever! You’ve really turned from a baby to a little girl this year, and that’s a big step!

Although I will miss some of the baby things you used to do, your transition to a little girl sparks a fire within me. I love that you love to read library books. I love that you are starting to sing songs with me. I love that you want to do things yourself. I love that you have a preference on what you wear, what you eat, or what you listen to or watch or read. It’s so much fun to see what interests you.

I’ve seen you struggle with what that transition means for you. This year, you’ve let us see into your little heart. I’ve begun to see the brokenness in you that we all have because we’re human. That insecurity and that need for love has been evident this year. I am so glad that you’ve let daddy and me in on how you’re feeling. We want to be there for you and help you through those hard times as you grow up. Never forget that we’re for you, and so is Jesus.

Aside from that, I’ve been praying for you in specific ways this year. There are four things that I want you to do well. It’s not about picking up your toys, and it’s not about eating your vegetables. It’s really about shaping your character, who you are when nobody’s watching. I’ve asked God to start shaping you to love others well, to have a generous heart, to honor those around you, and to love Jesus more than anyone else. I am sure that God will be forming these things in you as you grow up, but I also know that God is asking something of daddy and me too. In order for you to know how to love, how to give, and how to honor others, God wants us to show you how. As I’ve realized this, I have started to pray the same prayer for us too. These things are what God wants our family to be about. I hope you’re ready for the challenge! I know God can do amazing things through faithful people.

You are the sweetest, most precious 730 day old girl I know! Daddy and I are so proud of who you are and we’re excited to see you celebrate many more birthdays to come! Happy birthday sweetheart! I love you to the moon and back!





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