The Big 30 For My Main Squeeze!

Logan’s birthday is here! And it’s not just any birthday… it’s the big three-oh! I had quite the time trying to dream up the perfect milestone birthday moment… I mean, really, 30 is like, the prime of life, right? I can’t just make him breakfast in bed and call it good. No, no. I can’t do that.


For the last year or more, Logan’s been going gah-gah over this whole 3D printing deal that’s seeming to hit the nerdtech world pretty hard. I have been nay-saying it for quite awhile, trying to see if this itch was one that would go away. Well, it didn’t go away. And it actually kind of started itching me too. Don’t get me wrong, I really wasn’t itching to get one. But the creative possibilities were pretty cool think about. So I started thinking about it.


These printers aren’t cheap. There’s no way I would buy one out of our own budget, that’s a fact. So I enlisted the family. Those family members, they always seem to pull through, don’t they? We pooled all our birthday-money-for-Logan funds and were able to buy the 3D printer Logan had wishlisted! As of last Friday, he’s been creating things left and right, and loving it. Win!

Since we celebrated his birthday with all the family a few days early, I had to think of what to do on his REAL birth day, July 28. I decided to go with a few rhyme-time riddles to solve throughout his day, planning out some fun things to do between his working. Carol Lee Donuts was a must-stop shop for breakfast. We strolled on over and got ourselves some fried dough before he headed out the door to work. At 11:30, we met our friends (who are getting married sooooon!) Cameron and Stephanie for a lunch date at Blue Skye, along with a fun tour of their future home together! YAY! So excited for them!

After lunch, the next riddle led us to Sweet on You, a local chocolate shop downtown. Can’t wait to try those fancy candies! We came home, put Evie to bed, and then he was off to Starbucks to hang with his best buddies for a drink.

I hope he had fun. I did! Ha.

The evening consisted of our Grow Group fiesta… and how fun it was to celebrate with Amy, who turned 18 on the same day! What are the chances that two of our members would be celebrating milestone birthdays on the same exact day? Enchiladas, chips, salsa, guacamole, rice, and fried ice cream topped the day off well. I am so full. Of food. And joy.

Happy birthday, my love! Thank you for putting up with my silly attempts at making you feel celebrated. You are loved so very much!

IMG_4233 IMG_4235


IMG_0310 IMG_4274 IMG_0316 IMG_4275 (1)
IMG_4277 IMG_4278 IMG_4288

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