My Psalm

Everything speaks of your excellence, God.
The detail you pay to all the created things
Is even more evidence that you exist.
The vastness of the waves, the minuteness of a seed
All have purpose in making the earth work
Like a well-oiled machine.

You guard the road I travel
When danger looms, you brush it away.

My sin is ugly, beautiful is your grace.
My thoughts are tainted, pure is your plan.
My ways are corroded, smooth and stainless is your path.
My heart is jaded, your love shines like the sun.

You protect me from harm,
Even when I harm myself.

Nothing can get in the way of you, God.
You know me better than I do.
You answer me when I call.
Troubles, big or small
Give me the means to trust you
With my life.

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