In Time for Summer

Every day is a new day. Our little lady is halfsies between 1.5 and 2.0 years old. Things I love about Evie right now:

  • Every word seems to have a little Italian swing to it. “Here ya go-a,” “No-a,” “Bed-a,” or “Diaper Change-a”… really doesn’t matter. I love it.
  • Her toddling run. “Run-a run-a run-a!”
  • The curl we’re starting to see in her crazy blonde hair.
  • The hearing on those ears is outstanding. She hears everything.
  • How faint distant train noises make her come running for help. She’ll bury herself in my arms.
  • When she says, “Again-a” when I sing Jesus Loves Me. I think I could sing that song for hours and she’d be happy.
  • Her love for toy cars.
  • Vocabulary is her strong point right now. I love how she says anything. 
  • She finally likes hair bows again.
  • How she adores her little jean jacket with the golden buttons.
  • She’ll sit and listen to a Bible story.
  • For awhile, her prayers started with “Gear Dod,” which was adorable. She’s getting it straightened out now… just as cute.
  • Tea parties are her thing.
  • She’s getting the hang of picking up toys.
  • Her fork and spoon dexterity is quite advanced. She can scrape food off her bib with her spoon. Nice!
  • She’s starting to twirl.
  • Her attempts at tickling and blowing on my tummy are so cute.
  • Her favorite book right now is “All of Baby, Nose to Toes.” Pretty sure I’ll have it memorized for life.
  • Whenever she hears a baby cry it’s “Silas!” or “Nolan baby!”
  • Her baby doll can dance, run, sleep, clap, sit, oh gosh.. what can’t she do?
  • She cries when I leave (this is a secret love… ha ha!).
  • The face of concentration is priceless.
  • Randomly rolling around on the floor.
  • She watched a movie for a record of five minutes last week!
  • The way she loves to brush her teeth (teef).
  • Everything is, “Whoaaa!” or “Wow!”
  • It’s almost too much on some nights when we say goodnight and she softly says, “I love you.”

We love you too little miss.

IMG_1770 IMG_1795 IMG_1804 IMG_1809 IMG_1824 IMG_1832 IMG_1848 IMG_1889

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