The Henry Family celebrated Easter in lots of different venues this year. First off, the weekend before Easter, Evie had a practice run on Easter egg hunting in KC! We went with our lovely friends, Ben, Emily, and Libby to a mega-church egg hunt in OP. We had a great time eating breakfast (The Egg and I was fabulous) and then braving the cold wind to gather eggs in a field. Thanks for the invitation, Asnicars! Fast-forward a few days, and CrossPoint had its first ever Good Friday service. On Saturday, we gave Evie her Easter loot and had a little hunt in our front yard. She loved it! She especially loved the Chips-Ahoy mini cookies she received. And what a champ she was at collecting eggs! Super fun!

While Logan was bachelor-partying with friends in Wichita, Evie and I headed out to the in-law’s for Easter egg dyeing on Saturday evening, which Evie was rather indifferent about. But the adults sure had fun attempting to get the perfect shade of egg, designing with the wax crayon, and adorning the final product with glitter. Good times with Chuck, Janine, Cole, Holly and Ray!

The next morning, we went to church and then rushed out for Easter lunch at the Henry’s, where Evie got a little spring tea set from Grandma, napped, and then got up to play with the dogs outside. I think she’s gonna be a country girl. She loves being outside!

Sunday evening, we trekked into my parents’ house for our Chreaster celebration… Christmas and Easter. Yes, it’s a little strange, but since we were all down with a multitude of ailments at Christmas, the Great-Grandparents never got to come celebrate! We were super spoiled by all… I totally felt like our truck was as full last night as it was at Christmas time. Wowza! Clothes, bouncy balls, a Christmas countdown calendar, cookies, piggy-bank money, swimwear, a coloring book… sheesh! We had another egg hunt with cousin Silas, and then wrapped up the night with good-byes and headed home.

It was literally the most packed Easter weekend yet, but we had a blast going from here to there, celebrating Jesus as we went!

FullSizeRender IMG_0854

IMG_1525 IMG_1544 IMG_1546 IMG_1570 IMG_1574 IMG_1584 IMG_1588


IMG_1788IMG_2050 IMG_2051


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