6th Grade Dinner Partying!

So I had this idea. Actually, my first grade teacher gave it to me almost twenty-five years ago. And that my friends, makes it a good idea, if I can remember it for that amount of time. My teacher, Mrs. Heike Daily, had her students come to her house for dinner one time back in 1991. It was awesome! I remember that she had a ferret. I thought that was beyond the coolest thing ever. Anyways. It was a meaningful time, as a six-year-old, to go hang out with my teacher outside the confines of 8am-3:30pm. I remember it to this day being a highlight from my first grade year.

Fast forward a few years to 2015. I’m a teacher now, and I have that class this year. The one that all the teachers get jealous of. You know, the dream class. I love them. My sixth grade students are quite lovely, and I thank God for them nearly every day! They make me laugh, I really feel like I can be myself with them. It has been a pretty stellar year.

In response to that, I felt inspired. So, I decided to institute something new this year… the sixth grade dinner party! Spurred on by my first grade experience, I decided to invite my students over for dinner and entertainment. It was a pleasure to plan, and I think we all had a blast at the events too. This week, the Henry Trio had three nights in a row of sixth grade guests, about eight students came per night. We ate spaghetti, we played games, we ate lots of cookies and milk, and generally, we just enjoyed each other’s company. Evie had a ball hamming it up all evening. She was giddy with excitement for our guests to arrive! Logan was a huge help and a good sport too (thank you dear).

It was some extra work, but it was loads of fun, and I’m glad to have these memories with this crew! Thanks for playing, kids. And thanks, Mrs. Daily for the great idea!

IMG_1502 IMG_1504IMG_1506IMG_1508IMG_1510IMG_1512 IMG_1515


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