Evie’s Half Birthday… 1.5 Years and Counting

I just got done reading about Evie in a post from three months ago. It actually seems like forever since I posted that… and I feel like I have a much more advanced child since then!

First of all, the hair. Blonde, straight, and it’s at that awkward length that is too short to fit it all in a normal looking pony, but too long to leave it flowing freely. Evie will pull out any bows and barrettes she spots in her locks, which makes it difficult to know what to do. The hair in the eyes makes me go into convulsions, but the thought of cutting it makes me cringe too. I am fearful of Evie contracting TSBS (too short bang syndrome) that so many girls around Evie’s age have. So therefore, I won’t be cutting her hair. It will just remain awkward for the time being. I shall survive.

Walking is Evie’s primary mode of transportation these days, and I love to hear her clomp around the house. From my room each morning before school, I get to watch for her cute shadow coming around the corner, hinting that the girl of my dreams is coming to see me! She loves stairs (especially going to the basement where all her outdoor toys are being stored for the winter), and the last time we went to the park, we wheeled an empty stroller along with us because she insisted on walking the whole way.

Evie adores her miniature kitchen from Grandma and Grandpa Henry. She serves us coffee and makes a mess out of all the props that go with it. Since birth (literally), Evie has been transfixed by the kitchen. It’s her happy place. Anytime I’m cooking, Evie wants “up” to see what is going on. You’ll find that cooking at the Henry home is, many times, a family affair: mom cooking and daddy and Evie watching intently nearby. I think her favorite food right now is biscuits. Fortunately, she doesn’t get those too often. Eek! Definitely want to hide the biscuits when Evie’s around. She’s sort of demanding, and pretty resilient (but in fact, I am more so. She doesn’t get biscuits until her plate is emptied, I’ve learned).

Evie will seriously say anything we say. I won’t bother with a list of words anymore, because it would be like copying the dictionary into a blog post. Nope. Although I do not speak it fluently myself, I love to listen to baby talk. It’s just so darn cute. The best among the words are her “H” words… hhhhhome! hhhhouse! hhhhhelp! hhhhhi! Cutie.

She most recently has been counting to three and saying “A, B, C” and recognizing those letters. She will pick up some of her toys when asked, she knows where to throw trash, recycling, and her dirty laundry, she’ll bring me a book, ask me to “read it” and plop herself down in my lap. When we crack open the Bible, she says, “Jesus!” She loves the moon. She knows her animals. Her little lion roar is adorable. She’s smitten by her “buggy” (stuffed ladybug). And at the end of the day, she’ll basically put herself to bed when she’s tired. Good gravy, we love her!

I’ve been praying lately that Evie will learn from us generosity, be a lover of people, and desire to honor those around her as she grows up. Excited to see how God will answer these prayers in this girl’s life!

IMG_0361 IMG_0365 IMG_0367 IMG_0370


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