Christmas Cheeriness


This has been a pretty fun season of life. Christmas with Evie being old enough to kind of talk has been so fun! As she has been opening her gifts from her loved ones, she’ll make noises that beg you to open up the packages that contain her new toy. Whenever she sees her Santa dolly, she says, “Ho! Ho! HOOO!” (sometimes with four or five ho’s… ha ha!) I’ve even heard her says “Mismas,” which I think is her best “Merry Christmas!” at this point in her life. Hee hee.

We’ve had our weirdness this holiday, with my mom having to get her foot cast recast at some inopportune times, Evie coming down with pink eye on Christmas Day, and my sister getting strep, but whadda ya do? We still have had good times together as a family, and are definitely blessed! So much fun getting to share in the celebration of the generosity of our Jesus this December 25. Happy Christmas!

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