Daniel Sparacino is a Senior!?

So, this is such a cool story. About eleven years ago now, I started my junior year in high school at Southeast of Saline. There was this guy named Joe in the senior class whom I got to hang around with a bit during that year, and I just remember Joe being such a cool dude. He played the piano like Liberace (and literally enough, he was Liberace in the school play that year), he was as funny as all get out, and was one of those guys who made anyone feel like his best friend.

Then he graduated, and I became a senior. I’m not even really sure how I met Joe’s little sister, Christina, who was a few years younger than me, but we were fast friends. Despite our age difference, we had a grand old time together. Christina was similar to Joe in that she was adventurous, hilarious, and a great friend. Through her, I got to meet the rest of the family: Dorothy and Jeff (her parents), Nick (older brother #2), AnneMarie (younger sister #1), Daniel (younger brother), and Dorothy Ann (younger sister #2).

Somehow I had the privilege of connecting with all these lovely people in some facet. I remember getting to go to Southwestern College to watch Nick do a fabulous improv show during my senior year, I think I gave AnneMarie a few pitching lessons many moons ago, Dorothy and Jeff awarded me the Dominic Sparacino teaching scholarship that year, and most recently, little baby Dorothy Ann is now a 6th grader in my class this year!

And then there’s Daniel! He is graduating in May. What?! I remember when he was like a 2nd grader! And here I am, displaying his senior photos! What a small world, and what an absolutely wonderful family. I am honored to have this opportunity. Congratulations, Daniel!

IMG_7510 IMG_7604 IMG_7644 - Version 2 IMG_7673 IMG_7693 IMG_7698 IMG_7781 IMG_7817 IMG_7833 IMG_7901 - Version 2

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