Evie Turns 15! (months)

Our baby. Do you know her? If you don’t, you are missing out on a piece of chocolate heaven. She isn’t chocolate, but she’s a baby who just turned 1.25 years old, and she’s just as sweet!

Since her first birthday, Evie’s been learning new tricks by the spoonful. I have so enjoyed being an eye witness. She’s eating with a spoon and fork, and she’ll eat just about anything at this point. We just discovered two more teeth, so she’s up to ten now, adding two molars on top! She gets excited to see her family, even over FaceTime. She is so loving to others already, something that I’m praying for her to become.

Her vocabulary has sky rocketed. Duck, moon, momma, dada, and baby are no longer it! She’s added to her repertoire: thank you, star, clock, pig, circle, light, noooo, yay, wow, toes, boots, nose, bowl, table, baby, hi, bear, moo, milk, banana, dog, grandma, Tara, cracker, Jamie, Evie, and I swear she’s started saying “love you” back to me. There’s more. There are just so many.

She dances, she stands on her own, she has even started walking a few steps on her own! She loves her little playhouse, her slide, and climbing in and out of her sand box. Jack in the box is super funny too. Evie also jams out to music, she gets on and off the couch well, has started to wipe her own nose, prays and says, “amen!”, points to lots of her body parts, drives a car… just kidding. She does walk with her little car walker pretty stellarly though.

I wish I could say more to do this gift girl justice.  Here are some pa-hotos of her over the last week. We are enamored by our lovely lady!

IMG_6460 IMG_6476 IMG_7434 IMG_7437 IMG_7441

IMG_7408 IMG_7446


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