The Henry Hallow!

I heart Halloween. Here’s a glimpse into some fun festivities that the Henry’s partook in… Though some of our plans were foiled, it still turned out to be a fun weekend with some fun peeps!

Evie celebrated at the Garden with her daycare buddies by dressing up as a baby flower and carving pumpkins. Obviously, she’d rather be doing something else when it comes to pumpkin gutting, but I think she had a great day anyway! We got super spoiled with some fun Halloween party favors (I really love our daycare!) that Evie got to play with all weekend! Thanks to Jamie, Ava, Nolan, and Kanton for those! Thursday night, our Grow Group got together for a Halloweenie Roast in our backyard. Weenies, s’mores, and other tasty treats… including pumpkin spice Kisses. Umm. Yeah!

Friday, I had the infamous Halloween parade and party at school. Superheroes was the theme for teachers, so I opted for a Ninja Turtle. It was pretty much the best Halloween day at school so far. I love my kids. They are da bomb diggety. Our family’s evening plan was to head to KWU for the trunk or treat, and then to a few friends’ houses. Apparently, we got to Wesleyan too late, because an hour into it, everyone was GONE! Lucky for us, the Chemistry Club and President Thompson’s table were still there. Thanks to Jared Rodriguez and the President, Evie got a few pieces of candy. We also stopped by our friends’ house when they weren’t home. The whole trick or treating thang was a bust! I don’t think Evie really cared… so oh well! Finally we stopped in at Grandma and Grandpa B’s and were successful. Evie loves her new spoon and fork! We also got to spend time with some of our good friends and some of their friends that evening. Refreshing!

Saturday we had my book club and their families over for chili and cornbread and apples and caramel and pumpkin spice bars and it was good. Some killer costumes… a deer and hunter (check OUT those antlers!), Wreck-It Ralph and his cohorts, and Cookie Monster and her snacks. What a delight to be with these people!

It sounds like a really busy weekend, however, thank you Jesus for making it feel restful still. Lots of good afternoon time with Evie and Logan at home. Ahh… Perfect Halloween.

daycaregroup evie cry


kwu evie home

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