Pumpkin Bumpkin

So thankful for our Elliott friends! They like to invite us lots of places, most of which we’d probably never think of going on our own. Last weekend, they invited us to the Sunny Side Pumpkin Patch! Who knew that a one year old could get so much enjoyment out of going to look at orange balls on the ground?

Evie loved the swing and the corn pile the best, but she sure had a good time riding the hayrack ride and in the wagon with Ava. She even got to pick out a nice little pumpkin of her own! Her pumpkin is affectionately known as baybee, a word we hear pretty frequently these days when Evie’s around. (Side note, Evie says baby, clock, table, more, woof, and daddy now. She’s sooo smart!)

The Nurnberg Family has a great variety of little and big kid stuff to do at their patch of pumpkins… thanks for making our Sunday a memorable one, friends!
IMG_3565 IMG_3551 IMG_3547 IMG_3535 IMG_3529 IMG_3517 IMG_3479 IMG_3462

IMG_3540 IMG_3458

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