Party for One!

Last Saturday, we celebrated with our gleeful little lady the milestone of one! She was such a delightful girl to be with (not that she isn’t any other day..)! What a crazy week to have had a baby last year. I suppose it will always be a busy time of year with school starting and university students coming back into town around then too. Luckily I had all summer to be prepping for this sweet day, so I felt like I could really enjoy the time spent with our family. Even though we kept the guest list to bare bones family, we still managed to cram twenty people inside our little estate. Evie is surely loved!

We started the celebration of Evie’s one year mark with a “Rise and Shine” breakfast party. Complete with muffins, cinnamon rolls, quiche, yogurt bites, fruit, coffee, and orange juice, we dined high! Evie seemed to really like her smash cinnamon roll. Ha!

Evie got a really great mix of small toys, big toys, books, puzzles, and clothes from all her adoring fans. It sure is fun to spoil her! The day was perfect enough to be inside and outside, which was pleasant since our house was definitely overflowing with bodies. Success for celebration number one!

Later that evening, we ventured out to the Henry’s to celebrate again, and to appease my father-in-law’s insistence that Evie have her own chocolate cake to smash. She had fun eating her piece of cake, and we just got to spend some quality time with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Cole. Perfect ending to a wonderful day.

We also got to celebrate with Evie at her daycare on Wednesday, and our Grow Group on Thursday. It really was Evie’s birthday week! What a blessing to be able to celebrate life. Thank God for our little Evie!





IMG_2740 IMG_2736 IMG_2734



IMG_2785 IMG_2809

IMG_2840 IMG_2865IMG_2949IMG_2925IMG_3003IMG_2975IMG_2963IMG_2955IMG_3030IMG_3068
IMG_3142 IMG_3115 IMG_3105 IMG_3094 IMG_3093

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