Dear Evie,

Hey baby girl, it’s mom! It’s been a year since we welcomed your six pound five ounce self onto our planet Earth. My first year as your mom has been one to remember. I remember when daddy and I named you at 3:19 on the afternoon you were born. I remember you sucking on my pinkie while grandma filed your dagger-like fingernails. I remember nervously driving the truck home with a bundle of sweet Evieness in the backseat for the first time. I remember waking up on our first morning having gotten a great night’s sleep to find that you apparently did too (we didn’t hear a peep from you all night!). I remember daddy taking most of the night shifts when you had trouble sleeping. I remember being excited to get out of bed to get you out of your crib each morning. I remember having lots of visitors come over to meet you and hold you, marveling at how tiny you were. People came from miles around and raved at how cute you were! I remember Dr. Knox meeting you and saying what beautiful skin you had. I remember sending you on your first day of daycare when I went to meet my fourth grade students in October.

I remember your first blow out, your first snow, the first time you smiled, and the first tooth you got. I remember your dedication clothes, your Christmas outfit, your Easter dress, and your winter boots. I remember when you first shook a rattle, when you first grabbed your toes, and when the first bit of real food entered your mouth. I can remember a time when you didn’t roll over, you didn’t sit up or crawl, and when you didn’t stay awake for very long. I remember the look in your eyes when you drank your milk in my arms.

I remember dressing you up in the cutest baby clothes and headbands. I remember when your body actually fit on the changing table. I remember when people were so surprised that our baby was so quiet in church. I remember people being a little jealous of me because I had such a good baby. I remember playing music and making your hands and legs dance. I remember your first shots. Your first runny nose. Your first cloth diaper. Your first milk crack cleaning. I remember your baby cries, your spiky hair, and your lengthy tongue.

I remember it all, and I miss it. But I’m grateful.

God blessed me with a year of such memorable memories with my first baby. What a gift. I revel in that gift today.

Today I look at you and see that same little bitty baby I said hello to on August 16, 2013. I see her, but I also see a growing girl who loves to crawl around and dig in trashcans, eat weird bits of nothing off the carpet, who rolls her tongue when she’s happy, and who drinks out of a sippy cup instead of a bottle. You love your squeaky duck and you even say its name (duck), you love keys, balls, puppets, and dogs (I swear you say woof too). You can brush your hair, your teeth, you can find mommy’s nose, you slurp spaghetti, you can point to the moon and do “so big,” turn pages and lift flaps, and pull up to stand whenever you want. What a difference a year makes.

You have a little ways until independence, but you’ve already reached so many levels of it in a year. You make me so proud, Evie. Happy birthday, my sweet girl. I love you!



Slide1 year 1

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