Cheerio, Cantrell Family!

A bittersweet shoot last week as I made my way out to Lindsborg to photograph the Cantrell Family on the last few days they spent in Kansas. These folks were pretty much part of my every day world last year, as Brent was in my 4th grade class, and Carlene was the Computer Lab teacher at Southeast. We had a blast taking pictures on a beautiful evening, just three days before their departure to Colorado!

Although I was worried upon my arrival of the moods of the kids (both got pummeled and dragged around by their lovely dog, Boots right as I was getting there), But, Annika and Brent dusted themselves off and  showed their sweet smiles! We just had a ball documenting some of their family’s favorite spots around their incredible country home (check it out here if you’re looking for an amazing country place to call home!).

We’ll definitely miss you guys at SES next year, Cantrells… but best of luck to you as you head down a new path on this journey called life!

IMG_0949 IMG_0971 IMG_1044 IMG_1048 IMG_1078 IMG_1113 IMG_1133 IMG_1143 IMG_1161 IMG_1181 IMG_1186 IMG_1251

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