Eleven Twelfths

Eleven Twelfths is the fraction that represents Evie’s age! The last month before she becomes a whole number. Way to go, little babe!

This month has been full. Evie’s learning things quickly… and I feel like it’s nothing that I’ve been doing to help her with these milestones. One day we gave her a baby cup of water with a straw, and she started drinking out of it. There for a bit she loved to practice drinking through the straw, which means she would suck suck suck, then let all the water flow out of her mouth onto her shirt. Then, she’d go in for some more. Psycho. A soaked psycho at that. Speaking of mouths, has anyone ever heard of a baby rolling their tongue? This girl will squeal really loudly while rolling her precious little (but long) tongue better than most adults can. I’m thoroughly impressed Evie! Again, nothing that I’ve ever done to teach her that. I think I rolled my tongue like twice in eleven months.

Although Evie doesn’t crawl, she is getting around one way or another. It seems like maybe she’s figured out how to disapparate actually; she’s in one location for a moment, and the next moment you look over and she’s somewhere else. Don’t know how she does it… perhaps a series of scoots and rolls or something, I’m not sure what you call it. It definitely helps that she has learned how to sit up from being on her belly. Wow. I really like that she can do that. This month we’ve had probably the most difficult time with her doing this fun trick in the crib when she’s supposed to be napping. How’s a person to fall asleep when they’re sitting straight up in bed? Let alone standing in bed? Who would dream of that? I guess she’s excited that she’s able to sit and stand in general, so why not try it in bed? Silly girl.

We’ve also taken Evie to Kenwood Cove and the Konza Prairie this month. Both were greatly enjoyed by the little tyke. She gives high fives. She grunts and points to things she wants to go see. She has the tone in her voice like she’s asking a question. She laughs. She is just so darn happy. A few days ago, I went out and bargained at a few garage sales and got some great deals on some toys I had been wishing we had for Evie. I cleaned ’em all up and let her play… it was so fun to watch her be excited about new toys! We can tell she sees that they are different and she wants to go explore them all NOW. Her photo shoot was a spur of the moment one last weekend while she was playing on her new xylophone. I mean, like seriously, NEW! But I paid just a few dollars for it. I was stoked. But anyways, she sure likes beating on it with the mallet, and mostly sucking on the mallet. She’s so freaking cute. It’s sure fun having an 11/12ths of year old baby!

Slide1IMG_0347 IMG_0360 IMG_0368 IMG_0375

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