The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. That, and Halloween. I think I’ve narrowed it down to not so much as the holiday itself that I love, it’s the aura that the holiday is shrouded in. I love fall, candy, dressing up, and spooky stories; therefore I love Halloween. I’m not celebrating Satan when I do these things, I promise. On the same note, I love summer, homemade ice cream, seeing fireworks go off, and getting together with family; therefore July 4 is super-de-duperly up my alley!

It’s become a sort of tradition for both my family and Logan’s family to celebrate this favorite holiday together. For the past three years (or more? I can’t even remember), we’ve all gone out to Mama and Papa Henry’s house (that’s not really what I call my in-laws, FYI) for the festivities. Logan, Evie, and I, my mom and dad, Tara, Ryan, and Si, Chuck and Janine, Holly and Ray, usually Coleman (we missed you this year!), and Grandpa Henry gathered for an evening in the quiet country. Not a lot of whiz-banging going on other than our small show that Logan so graciously organized for us… perfect for young ears!

IMG_2366 IMG_2372 - Version 2 IMG_2377 IMG_2387 IMG_2397 IMG_2413 IMG_2414 IMG_2418 IMG_2427 IMG_2433 IMG_2437 IMG_2467


This one wasn’t actually on the fourth of July. This was taken on the fifth of July… sorry folks. But I wanted to add it anyway! Love my little nephew Silas Gray!IMG_2492

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