Nine Months Later

Here we are in the middle of the month again, and now my babe is nine months young. She is like a little person now, with her own character traits, likes and dislikes, and two parents still adoring her. Oh man.

I’ve pretty much given up hope that Evie will roll over. But she is making progress in the crawling department. She is starting to tuck in her legs and lean forward, doing a little scoot (and I do mean little) across the wood floor. She doesn’t really go anywhere yet, but it’s movement in the making. She is also much wigglier than before. She’s still our little cuddle bug in the evenings, but she likes to kick her turkey legs, flail her pudgy arms around, and breath in and out loudly when she’s in our arms. She stands with help still, but is getting more comfortable on her feet.

The wave goodbye has got to be the cutest thing this side of the Smoky Hill… I find myself waving bye-bye to her even when it’s not bye-bye time just to watch her sweet fingers move back and forth. She’s a clappin’ her hands now too! Finally, we get to enjoy pat-a-cake with her, instead of animatedly singing to a stone statue. Ha ha.

As of this weekend, I’ve noticed that during meal times, I’ll try to feed her with a spoon or with my hand, and she will downright refuse to place what I’ve got in her mouth. The second I put it down on her tray, however, she scoops it up in her special Evie scooper fisted hand and shovels it in. Perhaps the days of feeding her are coming to a close. I think I’m alright with that.

This little lady might have the makings of a contortionist. She is extremely flexible. Just today I saw her do the splits, one leg in front, one in the back. I am impressed by her leg versatility!

One thing that I’ve witnessed with Evie is her ability to sense our emotion. The other morning, we were sitting on the couch enjoying a breakfast bottle when along crawled a nasty giant mystery bug out from under the television stand. I had a minor flip out moment before Logan came to the rescue, but Evie got upset when she saw that I was genuinely in danger of this bug. I’m sure that’s normal for babies, but that’s pretty neat!

Minus those moments, Evie is such a happy baby. Still, she is quiet and reserved, especially around new places, but has definitely become more vocal this month. I’ve heard da, ma, ba, va, pa, ya, na, and la escape from that girl’s mouth so far! Go Evie, go!

So proud to be your parents, little girl baby! Looking forward to a fun-filled summer break hanging with you!






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