Evie takes the cake. She also take the pie, the brownies, the sundae, and the cookies. She is the sweetest little lady! Month eight has arrived, and now she’s got two teeth, she’s eating little puffs, she’s trying out her pincer techniques, she’s very cautiously waving good-bye, we are working on saying “more” with sign language, she loves dancing to silly music, and she graduated into a transition carseat. She also has taken to leaning all the way forward and getting to her belly without being upset about it. We’ve noticed she is pretty introspective when she is in an unfamiliar environment. She likes to take it all in before warming up and getting vocal. Most people see Evie as a quiet, shy little girl. That personality trait depends on her location… She can be very loud if you catch her at the right time! All around, she’s pretty chill though. She manages to steal the hearts of men, women, and children from all around. Even pedophobes love her. She’s incredible!

Frankly, we can’t get enough of Evie. I am so looking forward to summer break when I can spend all day everyday with the best girl in the whole wide world! One month away from the wonder of summertime. Ah. For now, I’ll take Evie in spring. I love you, little girl baby!

Slide1 IMG_7241 IMG_7247

IMG_7205 IMG_7255



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