Evie’s First Vacation: Utah

SPRING BREAK! Our family packed up and headed out west for the first time since Evie was born. We had only been as far as McPherson with Evie, which is a thirty minute drive from Salina. We were a little apprehensive and totally clueless about how the trip would go. That little sweetie was a doll for the thirteen hour road trip… Luckily we split the trip into two days, so she really was never in the car for more than 7 hours. Needless to say, we were all glad to get out and move around on our stops, but the trip there and back was pretty uneventful. Yippee! Mom and dad actually went with us, which was a great deal of help, and also quite entertaining as well. They even drove. My parents are pretty cool.

We arrived on Saturday and got settled in. It was super awesome to spend time with my cutie of a nephew, Silas! We also got to watch my brother-in-law, Ryan, preach for the first time. Not his first time preaching, but our first time listening. Yeah. It was awesome! Logan and I were really excited to see how God has grown the church in Price since we last visited in 2012. They hadn’t even started their church plant last time we were there. Crazy how much the Lord can do in such a little amount of time. Their group is thriving, with people walking faithfully with Jesus because of what he is doing through them. We also got to go to one of their community groups to debrief the sermon. Sweet stuff, seeing believers internalizing what they’ve been taught on Sunday.

Monday, we left the babies with the g-parents and headed out for a brisk 2.5 mile hike up to some hot springs in the area. It was pretty fun to get into the hot water, although the stench of sulfur surrounds you the whole time. And it was rather frigid weather. Glad we went, but it was sure nice to be back in the car when the hike was through!

And the rest… well, it’s really history. We just plain old spent time together for the week! It was awesome! Shopping at the old fashioned JCPenney, eating Big Don’s Pizza and Cold Stone, watching a few basketball games, eating mom’s cinnamon rolls, dad’s dinners, sleeping in the same room as my baby… all of it was great!

And now we can look forward to Tara and Ryan living in Nebraska really soon. Only two more weeks! Yee haw!
IMG_2248 IMG_6253 IMG_6260 IMG_6263 IMG_6266 IMG_6306 IMG_6350 IMG_6412 IMG_6475 IMG_6493 IMG_6535 IMG_6569 IMG_6581 IMG_6615 IMG_6659


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