Evie, the Friendly Baby!

Evie! The lucky number seven is upon us! You, my little dearie, are the happiest baby on the block. For real guys, I’m not sure this child could get any more perfect. Okay… maybe if she changed her own diaper and giggled on demand, she would be perfection. But she’s close enough.

Our girl has a tooth! One tiny little pearl coming up on the bottom, it’s better felt than seen. She chews on things like any other baby, slobbers all over everything like any other baby, but she’s just so darn cute doing it. She’s got the rolls of thunder on her leggies and arms, and loves to put her piglets in her mouth. That is probably one of the cutest stinkin’ things a kid can do. When she’s chomping on her toes, I stop everything and watch her in amazement. Have you tried doing that in the last fifteen years? I can assure you, if you have, it probably wasn’t that cute. There’s something about a baby putting their feet in their mouth that is adorable. Weird, but adorable nonetheless.

Another really funny thing that Evie does is this breathy excited gig. I think it might be a replacement for her laugh. Either it’s this or it’s her sharp high pitched scream of utter giddiness. Not sure. Regardless, when she gets excited about something, she leans back and forth really quickly, flaps her arms around like a bird, and huffs in and out multiple times with her mouth wide open. What a goof.

Evie eats all her vegetables, and is working her way through most of the fruits. I think her favorite is green beans. Bravo. Green beans are pretty tasty. She’s already eating one bottle less than before, so now she’s eating breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. She also got to lick on some ice on our road trip to Utah and thought that was pretty intriguing. Basically anything we are stuffing in our mouths, she is interested in.

We’ve heard her spout out a few “dadas” and “mamas” over the last few weeks, and she has taken to books these days… mostly just shutting them and licking the spines. But she does seem to enjoy herself while doing so! She loves playing with toys, especially balls, big and small. I can tell that when Evie’s sitting there and a toy is just out of reach, she knows exactly how far she can stretch before she’s in the danger zone of tipping over. She’ll reaaaacchh… then say, “Nope, not worth it,” and be content with what she’s got nearby. Evie is still on her timetable of laughing and rolling over, but she prefers sitting up without having a pillow behind her for support. And you know what? I’m perfectly okay with her just wanting to sit. I like sitting. It won’t be long before sitting is extinct. So thanks God, for making Evie a late bloomer when it comes to crawling and rolling. She’ll get there soon enough!

The pictures below are some quick ones we took before leaving for Utah to visit Tara, Ryan, and Baby Silas for Spring Break. What a hectic time to have a seven month photo shoot! Not happening. We just did a quick three minute session whilst giving her a bath instead. Evie is cute doing anything, including sudsing up!
Slide1IMG_6200 IMG_6206 IMG_6210 IMG_6213

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