Progressive Picnic

The family walk. We sure have learned to love walking over the last two years. I think it might be a rite of passage to love walks… I feel like a little elderly couple walking around our neighborhood, because it seems like (at least in these parts of the city) there are either old people walking or hoodlums walking. And we sure as heck aren’t hoodlums. People our age still go to the gym or run outside or… something.

I don’t even care!

I love to walk. This is the perfect activity that I can do with my whole family. Evie can come along in the stroller, and Logan and I can get some sort of exercise whilst catching up on life as well. Three birds with one huge walking rock. Ker-pow!

The other night the weather was actually cooperating, so we decided to pack a picnic and head to the park. As we arrived at the park, it was actually a wee bit colder than we expected, that or the sun had magically slid behind the trees and made the temperature drop a few degrees since the start of our walk. We commenced the walk in our neighborhood park, sitting on a bench to eat our ham sandies. Upon snarfing our first course, we decided to move to another part of the park to devour course number two. After the cheese sticks came and went, we moved to another locale for the next dish. Destination Dinner, Progressive Picnic… whatever it was called, it was kinda fun! It helped us slow our meal down, and enjoy the evening instead of hang around one spot.

Then it got colder, so we left for home: the final destination. We went ahead and finished our sack dinner on the couch… cinnamon apples!

The end!

photo 1


photo 4

photo 3


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