Seis Meses

Six months have gone by. It all makes sense that August was six months ago, but time is so strange. At some points, it seems like so much has taken place in six months. On the other hand, I used to have the smallest baby on the scene. Now, I have a giant baby. I guess when time plays tricks on me like that, it all evens out. I love my life!

Evie is… stinkin’ awesome. She has just taken up the hobby of eating vegetables, and when I say “hobby,” I do mean she really enjoys them. Sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots… so far, so good. I agree Evie, they are delightful. It didn’t take but a few tries, and eating with a spoon was buttah.

She’s also taken a liking to sitting up by herself. Yeah, you heard me! This takes playing to a whole new level. Vertical play is pretty much her deal. So proud! Her movements have become much more intentional, grabbing at food, toys, eyeballs, hair, Apple emblems on the backs of laptops, generally anything that is matter. About that rolling trick… she’s still not really into that. I think she could if she wanted to. Maybe she’s just too advanced for rolling. Ha ha.

She still has her tongue out constantly, she randomly screams with sheer delight (Janine has coined the phrase “hulking out”), although it sounds like she’s one ticked turkey, she is actually having fun. She tenses up her little body, flails her arms around, and breathes really heavy… I’m beginning to wonder if all this is her version of laughter… oh dear. She’s still my sleeping beauty. Something that I never knew humans really did was rub their eyes when they are sleepy. I’ve always just seen that in cartoons or something. But babies do this, and it definitely translates to “I’m tired” in our household. Crazy!

Wrapping up the Evie post, I decided to break out of the basement studio this month and get some shots of her in real life… so here is the little tike in her bedroom just being her silly little self. Please note her massively sweet turkey legs. I could just gobble her up (she is actually now about the size of a turkey, eighteen pounds, five ounces)! Thank you, Lord, for our bebe!

6 IMG_5568 IMG_5628 IMG_5665 IMG_5780 IMG_5791

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