A Day Away

Our first Valentine’s Day with a little Valentine of our own… and Logan’s year to plan something special! I know a lot of you are naysayers of the Februarian holiday, but I rightly like it. Yes, the obligatory chocolate-jewelry-flowers-dinner-date-sappy-hallmark-card gifts are rather cliche, so therefore, we don’t partake in the obligation. The reason I think this holiday is worth celebrating is that it’s a reminder to step back out of the ordinary hum drum and do something different. The creative pursuit of your significant other needs to happen even after wedding bells and baby carriages.

First off, I’m not sure what happened, but I’m pretty certain we have more candy in our house than we ever have before. My students bombarded me with a kajillion pieces of candy this year, as did our parents. Omigosh. Jesus come quickly, before my arteries asplode.

In the morning, Logan surprised me with a Pebble watch (actually, thanks to Cole, my brother-in-law, for selling it to him for a steal-deal). I’m excited to be a techie-nerd now right alongside my husband. Sweet! And I got Logan some Riesens… like we need more sugar in this home. Eek!

We decided this year, since I got the day off (hallelujah, parent teacher conferences!) that we would make a trip to Wichita for the day! It has been customary for mom and dad to take care of the Evster on Fridays anyway, so it really worked to our advantage. We also postponed our year-end family evaluation a month to include it on our day away. Good times sitting at Mead’s Corner in downtown Wichita just chatting about how our year went, and setting new physical, spiritual, financial, mental, relational, and environmental goals for 2014. And hey, they were giving away boxes of chocolate. How can you go wrong?

We also did something we hadn’t done since college… ice skate! In honor of the fantastic Olympic figure skating we have been tuning into this week, we took a spin around the rink ourselves! Gosh, when you get yourself out there on the ice, you really start to marvel at the insanity of the moves those peeps do on television. I can barely move in a straight line facing forward without the fear of face planting staring at me in the face. Luckily, no significant wipe outs occurred.

We did a bit of shopping, ate a very romantic lupper at Five Guys, and then headed home to our little lady. A great day!

photo (12)


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