My little darling is now five months old, as of January 16… and she’s been hard at work on her new tricks, knowing that her mom would be posting an update soon. So here goes on that cute little gal of ours!

Evie’s personality seems to be coming out… and it seems to be a lot like how I imagine myself as a babe. Pretty relaxed, quiet, but when she’s needing something (i.e. tired, hungry, wet, bored) she doesn’t let it slide without a few hoots and hollers. Evie will let out some sweet choppy little giggles here and there, but for the most part, she just smiles the biggest, most delightful smiles anyone has ever seen when she’s happy. As much as I wish she would do some loling, her toothless little grin still makes my heart smile!

She’s loving to stand more than ever, and she’s pretty good at it, I might add. She’s into staring at things that move, including ceiling fans, televisions, and the like. Grabbing (and/or pinching) toys and objects (i.e. hair, scarves, the flabby skin on the underside of one’s arm) with two hands is a cinch nowadays! Evie still doesn’t love being on her belly, but she’s just inches away from rolling herself over. She’s got the rolling-to-the-side skill going, but hopefully by next update, she’ll be rollin’ on the river (whatever that means…)! She’s getting more interested in chewing than sucking, however, Giovanni (the fictitious animal Wub-a-Nub that holds her pacifier) gets plenty of use these days.

At 16+ pounds, she’s a hefty little gal, and toting her in and out of places in her carseat is getting to be a pretty substantial workout for the old arms! I’m pretty content with an 80% percentile baby otherwise! She’s eating well, I must say, and is now feeding herself by holding her own bottle at most mealtimes. Woot!

Loving this little girl is pretty darn easy. I’m sure you can see why! Happy days at the Henry’s!

month 5

IMG_5227 IMG_5236 IMG_5254 IMG_5311

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