Jolly Christmas

This is a year of Christmas we won’t soon forget: Evie’s first Christmas! I can definitely begin to understand how children get spoiled by their parents and turn into greedy little brats. My daughter won’t even remember this Christmas and I bought her way too many adorable things. I really have to put my DARE skills into practice and just say no to the baby clothes section at any store. Especially clearance racks. Weeaaakkknneesss.

Anyways. I am so excited to start our own family traditions during Christmas. My mind has been busy at work thinking of all the fun things I want to start doing with Evie and our future tikes. Ornaments. Books. Songs. And just saying, the Advent calendar from Starbucks is so stinkin’ awesome. I caved. It’s on our sofa table now. Eek!

And now, a few of my top selections from my Evie Christmas playlist:

“Oh, it’s a jolly holiday with Evie, Evie makes your heart so light! When the day is gray and ordinary, Evie makes the sun shine bright!”

“Evie Baby, I’ve got to mention one little thing: you bring, so much joy to our world. Evie Baby, oh everything about you is right!”

Too many songs that this little girl inspires… I love her to a million little tiny bits! Evie wishes you a very merry Christmas!

IMG_3771 IMG_3920

IMG_3785 IMG_3877

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