Evie Times Four!

What a lady! Evie is now four months old. She has been, as always, the perfect child. I seriously can’t get enough of her.

Evie is now getting better at holding her head up and pushing up onto her elbows/forearm when she is on her belly. She squeals much louder than she ever has before (it’s still cute), and she is definitely into mouthing everything that comes within a one foot radius of her chomper, especially her hands. Speaking of hands, she’s starting to pick objects up with both of hers and she grips things rather tightly. She is experimenting with sitting up by herself, although it was evident that she hasn’t quite mastered that in her photo shoot, as there was lots of leeeaaaaannnniinnnggggg going on… Ha ha. Putting weight on her chunky legs is also one of her new tricks!

We are so incredibly thankful that God has made her a sleepy baby at this point… I know that it will probably change and I’ll be biting my tongue as I get up in the night with Evie, but I continue to be amazed at how well she snoozes. Sometimes, Logan and I wish that she would wake up just so we could go say, “hello.” I probably shouldn’t say that… all my friends with babies are hating me right now. Lady Luck is on my side right now, I might as well enjoy it!

This girl is super smiley too. I am looking forward to a big old laugh any day now. One of my favorite things is when I wake Evie up in the morning and she gives me a big grin! Her big blue eyes are just what I need to turn a sour mood into happiness! It sounds cheesy, but it’s real.

It’s exciting to think about all the new things we’ll watch her learn each month. What will be next for this girl wonder?

4 Month
IMG_3704 IMG_3820 IMG_3895 IMG_3912

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