Halloween! One of my favorite holidays of the year! This year was better than normal because I got to plan a costume not only for my teaching gig, but for my baby gig too. I knew I wanted to go simple, if not for the lack of hours in my day, it would be for Evie’s all day comfort in a costume. Checking out ideas online was futile. Sorry, but I don’t think any normal child would be caught dead in a scratchy-glitter-sequence-tulle-feather-button-diamond-bead-laced skirt with polkadot-swirly-striped-chevron-rick-rack-rainbow tights and an oversized headpiece shaped like a giant candy corn for more than 5 minutes. Cute, not practical. And not cheap.

I decided to include the whole family in a theme when my book club opted to plan a costume party with our husbands and kids included. So three costumes! The simple factor was more necessary than ever. Finally I found the perfect combination. I worked for several nights sewing (gasp) our lovely but simple costumes together, which we wore for all of a few hours. I was really looking forward to my clever and simple idea, but the unfolding events of the day didn’t really give us a chance to wear them for long. Don’t worry, no blow out horror stories this Halloween.

I bought Evie a brown onesie online from an eco-friendly company thinking I was helping the earth, but little did I know that my poor babe was allergic to whatever was being used to save the earth. She broke out in a bright red rash all over her lower body and neck. She lasted through my school parade when I started noticing her body was not having any of it. On top of that, I had sewn my own costume, just kind of tacking it to my shirt so I could easily remove it later. As Evie kicked and climbed on me that morning, most of my handiwork was unraveled. This started happening before the parade and before our party that evening. Great. I ended up changing Evie out of her toxic onesie and ripping the rest of my swirl off after the parade was over… and we all went with being mummies wrapped in toilet paper for our evening plans instead of something cool and creative.

Toilet paper. Real classy, I know. And actually rather disappointing for me. My baby’s first Halloween costume was poisonous. I guess it will make for a good story later. Better luck next year! For the record, we were Hostess cakes… Logan a Ding Dong, Shauna a Ho-Ho, and Evie a Cupcake. We all look pretty tired in these pictures… what a day!

Happy Halloween!

photo 1 (4) photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2)

One thought on “Halloween

  1. Hart was impressed with your costumes. Now that I think about it, your costumes were the only ones that he mentioned when I asked about the parade and party. Impressive!

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