Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Today was my first official day back at school with kids in my classroom. More monumentally, my sweet baby girl went off to her first day of day care with Jamie at Garden of Giggles. Bittersweet.

As I listen to my babe grunting in her sleep in the next room, I can’t help but fondly ponder all the messages, notes of encouragement, prayers, flowers, gifts, and check-ins that I got today as I said good-bye to Evie. I am feeling blessed by you all on this tough day. Thank you. Thank you!

For the record, we survived. Sounds like Evie did great, and I really enjoyed my day at school. Logan even came home and said he had an awesome day, being able to focus more knowing that he wasn’t missing out on precious family time with us at home.

Love this girl and can’t wait for the weekend… Absence does make the heart grow fonder! But, I’m thanking God for giving me strength through my friends and family on a day like today.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you!

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