Dos Equis!

Two months have happened since I was childless. As my babe sleeps sweetly next to me on my last day of maternity leave, I get to reflect on the past month of life with Evie! Logan and I both have been very blessed with a kid who seems to enjoy sleeping at night. I’m sure tonight will be different, but for the last 1.5 weeks, Evie has been snoozing incessantly from 8:00pm to 6:00am. Jesus has heard my prayers. Within the last week, she’s started smiling on demand, and she will even throw a little speech bubble out every now and again. She especially loves to chat with Grandpa Baldwin! She rattles quite skillfully, and kicks her play mat toys like a boss. She also loves to be upright and walk around (and by walking around I mean US walking her around), peeking over our shoulders at her world. For the first time last week, she didn’t cry during her bath (only to have a major relapse this week… oh well). She loves to stick out her tongue. She also has the craziest fluffy hair that I can’t get enough of. She even graduated up to “the big bottle” at meal times this month too. Dude.

I decided I probably better do a mini photo shoot in my living room this morning to commemorate this momentous, once in a life time occasion (turning two months old). Evie sure was the smiliest babe in all the a.m. land today, bringing mama great joy! So glad my last day home with her has been full of smiles and snuggles. Two kisses (dos equis) for Evie on her two month birthday!


IMG_6277 IMG_6368 IMG_6340 IMG_6261 IMG_6258 IMG_6203

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