Life with Evie

I promised myself that I wouldn’t be that person who once had a dynamic blog about all sorts of things in life, but then had a baby and now the blog revolves around babyish things. I think I probably have a few more posts that will be all about Evie before I return back to having a more dynamic life… because honestly, all I do is Evie right now. Growing a child was one thing. Bearing a child was another. But caring for a child is just something else. It’s hard work, but not in a bad way. I love watching Evie sleep. I love watching her stare at me. I love watching her gnaw on a teddy bear. I love figuring out how to console her when she cries. I love holding her and kissing her and singing to her and reading to her and giving her a bath (even if she doesn’t yet enjoy it). I even love doing all the dishes that it takes to feed her, over and over… and over and over again. She’s just a lovable little lady!

So excuse my mom posts every now and then… but I’m a proud one! Still it’s crazy to think that I’m a mom at all… but I’m sure grateful that Evie is our daughter!




The Afterbath


All ready for Stuart and Jenna’s wedding!


Evie looks so happy… as Mufasa Daddy holds up his firstborn for the tribe to see.


Cute body parts!


Evie is looking happy now, but a few minutes after beginning the bath, she decided she does NOT like to get wet with the sprayer. No siree Bob.


Little grippy baby

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