Logan’s Golden Birthday

There really wasn’t much golden about it, but my handsome Log turned 28 on July 28! We did some celebrating, but mostly we just took it easy. After three weekends in a row of baby showers, we truly were tuckered out. (A quick plug: our showers were all amazing… and we are sooo set for this babe to arrive now! Thank you to my awesome friends and family members who worked hard to make them a success, and for all who came to see us and were so generous!)

We started Logan’s birthday week with a celebration dinner: four of our dear friends also turn a year older within a few weeks of Logan! So that was great fun to get all of us together and just spend some time chilling. Chicken on the grill, potato casserole, super duper salad, and Braum’s ice cream and waffle cones were enjoyed thoroughly that night. Yee haw!

Logan’s parents were out of town through his birthday weekend, but we decided we would go out and celebrate without them. Actually, their place needed a mowing. So on Friday, we packed our bags and made an evening/morning out of it. WIth it being one of our final weekends before meeting our babe, we thought we might as well get away (thanks Henry’s for the place to crash)! We took food for dinner and breakfast, had an outstanding evening of mowing, picking cucumbers, walking down to the bridge and back, reading, cooking, watching old Office episodes, eating ice cream, and just relaxing by ourselves. It was fabulous.

On Sunday (his actual birthday), I don’t believe we did much of anything either. I think we ate some taco bake casserole and babysat a sleeping Hudson for a few hours. Golden birthdays are supposed to be exciting right? I might have felt a little bad for not planning something elaborate like I have in years past (each word is a different link), but Logan actually loved it. It was nice to just sit back and enjoy the quiet life for a bit.

He did receive some really great gifts… he is so spoiled. A powder-actuated tool (a tool that can put nails in concrete, apparently), Lowe’s gift cards (to use for materials to build his very own workbench!), some new shirts, candy and Ho-ho’s, dark roast K-cups, numerous meals and desserts, and a jogging stroller! Grateful for such thoughtful family!

Blessed beyond all measure to have such a sweet husband for another year. Having a blast!

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