Watkins Wilderness!

This photo shoot was a special opportunity for me… with the Watkins family! I remember back when I was a kid, Beth would come over to baby-sit my sister and me. We always had a good time when Beth baby-sat! Now 20 years later, she and her husband have their own set of adorable kids and an amazing place they call home! We’ve been having a load of perfect evenings it seems, and this night was no different. Nestled out in the country, there were countless places to run around and play and capture this family’s wild side! Thanks for the fun time, Watkins family!

IMG_4684 IMG_4701 IMG_4593 IMG_4524 IMG_4507 IMG_4511 IMG_4475 IMG_4482 IMG_4449 IMG_4355 IMG_4312 IMG_4250 IMG_4135 IMG_4143 IMG_4158 IMG_4111

2 thoughts on “Watkins Wilderness!

  1. Thank you Shauna for capturing our family so well. You were very patient and fun! I still can’t believe you were crawling around on your pregnant belly through the corn field. We will definitely be using you again!

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