The End is Near…!

We are now coming to the final destination of pregnancy… August 15 will be here before we know it. We have entered into the eighth month today! What a journey it has been. So thankful that I’ve been blessed enough not to have many complications, and I’ve felt pretty good throughout this process of growing a babe in the belly. As I type, Baby Henrietta is grooving to her own beat and even through the mask of my stomach, she’s pretty darling already.

We’ve been preparing slowly but surely to have a new life in our house, although as my doctor would say, becoming a parent is a lot like OJT. On the job training is the best way to learn. We’ve read the books, scoured the interwebs, taken the classes, painted the room, finished the decorations, washed the toys and clothes, had the showers (most of them at least), organized the supplies, toured the hospital, written the lists, packed the bag(s), and prayed the prayers… and now we wait for our career to begin.

What better time to have a photo shoot? Commemorating our fifth year as a married couple and our first little tyke on the way, Lauren took some stellar pictures for us right before harvest season was underway.

IMG_7836 IMG_7832 IMG_7866 IMG_7752 IMG_7753 IMG_7706 IMG_7660 IMG_7632

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