Edwards Family Fight

Being asked to shoot photos for people is an honor, although I still do photo shoots for people as an amateur. It’s sure been a fun ride the last few years getting to capture seasons in people’s lives, and I’ve learned a lot along the way too!

My most recent photo opportunity was with the Edwards Family, who is on a journey that has and will continue to draw them together. Taryn, one of the three high schoolers in the family, was diagnosed with lymphoma back in March. The family has been under that crushing stress on top of all the financial, career related, academic, and emotional pressures that come with fighting this fight. I was asked to help their cause by taking pictures of the family so they could use them for fundraising efforts that are being put together by friends of the family. Can’t pass that up! They are a great family who really care about each other, and are pulling together to help Taryn get through this challenge.

Be in prayer for Taryn and his family as he battles this disease. It’s easier said than believed, but God is good all the time, even when our circumstances don’t match.

IMG_3980 IMG_3926 IMG_3939 IMG_3952 IMG_3960 IMG_3871 IMG_3913 IMG_3854 IMG_3862 IMG_3866 IMG_3853

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