Five Years in Wichita

Logan and I took a mini-five-year-special-anniversary-babymoon-vacation last weekend down to the heart of Kansas… Wichita! Although we didn’t venture very far from home, it was still one of the best times we’ve had together! Relaxing, yet productive, and it was a great time for us to catch our breath and catch up with each other.

We left town on Thursday evening and arrived at our bed and breakfast called the Inn at Glenstrae, which is actually in a normal neighborhood in the Hillside area of the city. Built in 1900, this house was right up our alley. The owners of Glenstrae were very formal at first, but it didn’t take long for them to warm up and we actually sat out on the porch chatting with them for most of our evening after dinner at Carrabba’s (first time, and very good!). The wife is actually an acting coach and does all sorts of directing, producing, and training in the area… so as we sat there, somehow we ended up in the very first porch side acting class at the B&B! What a surprise for entertainment that night, but the memories will stick longer! Our room was beautiful, complete with a rainforest walk in shower, Logan’s personal favorite. The breakfast in the morning was to die for – Eggs Benedict (neither of us have ever eaten that before), herb potatoes, and asparagus, rolls, a fancy fruity smoothie, and a super delightful latte that even pregnant Shauna didn’t pass up. Impressive! We sat out in the garden after breakfast and then casually meandered our way to our next destination.

The mall! It was time for new clothes for Logan, so we ventured over to Towne East and headed for Old Navy. Awesome deals. Awesome time. For some reason, this was just a good time for Logan and I to have fun and be goofy together in the dressing room. Another fun memory from this trip! Among other shopping around town, we stopped in at Mead’s Corner for a mid afternoon snack and chat. Great coffee shop! Then off to Carter’s to find a little outfit for our little baby’s first day home… yay! And then to our hotel: Homewood Suites by Hilton at the Waterfront! It was, a nice hotel indeed. We gussied ourselves up and headed to PF Chang’s (both of us had never been)! Because it was our first time, they gave us a $10 gift card for our next visit. We were impressed! Great eggplant, fun service, and their fortune tellers were pretty legit too (see picture below)!

In the morning on Saturday, we lounged around, got breakfast, and moseyed our way out to just a few more short stops, and then ate lunch at Five Guys Hamburgers (also a first). Also quite impressed. Especially with the fry situation (see picture below). Skipping town after stuffing ourselves with beef and spuds, we  were sad to see our fun end, but we sure lived it up in style for a few days!

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One thought on “Five Years in Wichita

  1. Your anniversary getaway sounds exactly like Todd and mine when we went to Wichita. Bungalow bed and breakfast, shopping, stuffing ourselves with good food from new places. One difference our anniversary is in Nov. so we watched a crazy good football game that night. So glad you guys make your marriage a priority and take time to enjoy each other……I encourage you to keep it up after little miss enters the family :)!

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