High Five!

June 28 has rolled around for the fifth time since 2008. That means five years have passed since Logan and I got married to each other! Marriage has truly been a present from the Lord. As I remember life before meeting Logan, I can recall a few ultimatums that I had for my future spouse. It’s pretty cool how God has foiled pretty much all of my expectations of the one I would choose to marry, but I can honestly say that I’m much happier with what I got out of the deal!

Five ways God dashed my dreams:

  1. I have always insisted on marrying a music man. A piano man, to put specifics on it. Growing up listening to and loving the piano man AND the rocket man probably gave way to this expectation. There’s just something about a dude tickling the ivories. Buuuut anyways, Logan doesn’t fit that mold. He plays the trombone. Or played. Not a music man in the sense that I was hoping for. But, because of his different experiences with band and vocal, he does have a great appreciation for classical music and knowledge base of reading music that I probably don’t even have after years of private lessons. Those skills are used in different ways than being the center of attention on a stage, and will probably be helpful when our Baby Henrietta begins playing an instrument. He knows how to pick out different instruments within a band and has more of an ear for balancing sound than a solo piano rockstar would ever have.
  2. I thought my husband would be an all-star athlete. Sports have been a huge part of my identity throughout my life. I played and watched sports through high school and even had the chance to play in college had I wanted to. I was very competitive as well. My hubby was an active kid who played sports, but was not involved in competitive sports as we got older. The coordination, according to him, ran out as junior high happened, and so he moved away from athletics and into more drama and forensics. This whole not-very-athletic experience has turned out to be one of the best things about our relationship. For starters, we don’t spend a lot of our time watching sports games. It’s been good for us to focus on and appreciate other things, like the fine arts, and not get so worked up over rivalries and competitive spirits. It’s much easier to enjoy watching an occasional game when you don’t really care about the outcome. Another reason I like him not being focused on sports is that it’s given us an opportunity to try new ways of exercise, and for me to have a fighting chance at beating him sometimes! Biking, running, tennis, disc golfing, and walking even… it’s better than I expected.
  3. I vowed to never marry a guy who played golf. Sorry folks, but I hate golf. I remember being so annoyed and saddened by one of my high school friend’s dads, who spent most of his free time not with his family, but at the golf course. All they did was play golf and drink beer at the Elks. That was not my idea of a marriage. Golf took too much money, too much time away from family, and I sucked at it on top of that. There was one sport Logan did play in high school, and it was golf.¬†Lucky for me, Logan doesn’t play very often. And when he does, it’s usually with an old friend or family member and it’s a great time for him to spend some quality time with them. I’m also thankful that he doesn’t make me play.
  4. My husband needed to be a beach bum. This one is kind of humorous in my mind, because if you know Logan, you know that he is not anywhere near beach bum material. Fair skin, burns easily, likes winter… you get the picture. Logan Henry is the antonym of beach bum. This polar opposition has led us to some different vacation spots that aren’t so beachy, and that I’ve never seen before. It’s made me appreciate the cool weather months, even if it’s just ever so slightly. It’s good for me.
  5. I was typically drawn to tall and curly brown haired guys. Logan is none of those. But he’s broken the trend. Logan has made me step out of my comfort zone (in many more ways than just his looks). I love that he has blonde hair. I love that he has blue-green eyes. I love that he’s not that much taller than me. We go together! It’s different than I thought it would be, but it’s still good. I’ve got one handsome man.

None of these expectations are a surprise to Logan, by the way. Sometimes I joke when he says, “You’re the girl of my dreams,” I reply, “You’re the boy of my reality.” He may not have matched the man of my dreams, but you know, dreams are overrated. I’d much rather have my reality! It’s way better than how any of my dreams would have turned out.

Happy fifth anniversary, reality boy!

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