Breeding Family Photos

What an amazing family the Breedings are! I got to know Keri from her substitute teaching at Southeast where I teach, and we got to talking about photography last year. This year, she asked me if I’d be interested in taking some family pictures for her adorable family. Two of her kids attend SES and are literally the nicest kids ever, so I knew it would be a cinch to capture pure awesomeness. We stayed out at their homestead for this shoot, and had a perfect evening of fun and laughter together. I was impressed at the neat ideas her kids had for poses, so thanks for the advice! And thanks for trusting me with taking pictures of your sweet family!

IMG_2094 IMG_2111 IMG_2127 IMG_2136 IMG_2153 IMG_2169 IMG_2177 IMG_2183 IMG_2190 IMG_2235 IMG_2265 IMG_2276 IMG_2321 IMG_2394 IMG_2405 IMG_2416 IMG_2448 IMG_2462 IMG_2492 IMG_2513 IMG_2542 IMG_2544

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