Lively Life Changes

We have some exciting news!

Contrary to popular Facebook friend beliefs, the Henry clan did not buy a new home recently. You gotta love it when someone was stalking your old pictures, “likes” a five year old picture of you and your husband in front of a “sold” sign, which ends up making the front page of the mini-feed, and in turn gives all your friends-who-don’t-know-where-you-live the impression that you bought a new house!

Our news is bigger than a new house! We’re expecting a new BABY! And we are thrilled to finally be able to post our big news for the world to read! The due date of Obi-1 (our clever, nerdy Star Wars nickname, meaning Our Baby Infant #1) is August 15, 2013!

Although Logan and I are excited about our new addition, we feel like the last month and on into the next six months have been and will continue to be a crash course in all things baby human. There’s sure a lot to learn, know, buy, prepare for, stop doing, and start doing when it comes to entering a child into the world. Wow. Let’s face it. Children change your life. That’s old news!

Upon reflecting on the newness of our situation, of course, lots of things come to mind. I’m sure I’ll be able to process through them as I go, but one thing that I would like to be sure of is that I don’t lose my identity. Yes, my identity will change and shape into “mother,” which is a phenomenally important role to play, and one of which I don’t plan on neglecting. But along with that, the person who is me, the person who likes to read, think deeply, teach, be organized, meet with people, be creative, talk about Jesus, cook, run, bike… I want to be that person still too. This is my prayer: that I can continue to be who I am and teach my children what it means to be a great mother and have a dynamic personality behind that title.

That goes for this blog too. I plan on talking some about my pregnancy and maybe showing some milestones here and there. I do not plan on posting a daily photo of my bump, nor do I plan to update you on my hourly weight gain and how swollen my feet get. So, sorry in advance if that’s what you are looking for. I will be continuing to blog about photography, cooking, about Jesus, school, and life in general… tossing Obi-1’s adventures in whenever the occasion arises.


I wanted to document a few of the ways we announced our news to friends and family. So here are a few photos! What I didn’t get actual footage of was how I told my students at school. We played a round of telephone and I started the secret message, “Mrs. Henry is having a baby.” How awesomely priceless were their responses! I wasn’t sure how 6th graders would like the game, but they were so excited to play and even more ecstatic when they heard the secret message (which didn’t stay secret for long)! Love those kids.

Birthday Invitation

“Birthday” invitation we gave to some of our friends and family to share our news


We hosted a “double birthday party” for our moms in January and gave them the “Grandmother” WIllow Tree figurines as a surprise. Boy, were they shocked! Got that moment on video, thanks to my handy-man husband, Logan!


This is the official Facebook and school staff announcement we posted!

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