The Day of Love

A few days have passed since Valentine’s Day now, but since it was my year to arrange our plans, it surely deserves its own post! First of all, Logan was in Dallas at a conference on the day of love this year… so I actually got to hang out with my momma all evening! It was a delightful evening filled with catching up over Wendy’s Chicken Sandwiches. She brought me my own little takeout box filled with candy and fortune cookies, and she even helped me set up some things for Logan and my date upon his return home. What a gal!

Backing up to the Valentine’s Day at school, we had a great day! The party, thank goodness, wasn’t until the end of the day, so all the kids were super excited and anticipating their last holiday party as an elementary school student. I got a truckload of candy and goodwill wishes… which are pictured below! What a happy day! Check out past Valentine’s Day Parties here!

Fast forward to Friday night when Logan came home… we were both too tired to have a date. So we waited until Saturday evening instead. We went out to Taco Bell (our first Valentine’s Day date was at Manhattan’s TB… aww!) and then came home and entered the spare room, which had been transformed into a campsite! (Our spare room has been transformed into many a scene, recall 2011’s Valentine’s Day, among other things!) I pitched our little tent, blew up the old air mattress (and flashed back to Kingman summer nights), and threw all the pillows and blankets in that we own. Cozy!

We spent the evening eating chocolate, drinking sparkling, bubbly grape juice, and catching up on life. I also finally finished a long promised art project for Logan’s office and gave it to him. It was actually rather handy that he was gone for three days… I got a lot accomplished in my spare time! Yowza!

I am so thankful that I am able to celebrate love, and not just once a year on February 14. The Lord has given me someone pretty amazing to spend my life with. I love you Logan!





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