Bedroom Transformation!

Another Henry home makeover is ready to be revealed… our bedroom! Early this fall, Logan convinced me that we needed to accept a free, three piece set of nasty old furniture. I was less than impressed with this set upon looking it over the first time. Our own bedroom set has never been a set at all… with hodge podge pieces from here and there, some nice, some not so nice. So… after a few viewings of this ugly set, Logan persuaded me to take it home. My original plan was to sand it and then paint it because it didn’t look like very high quality wood underneath that thick glossy layer. Ick.

As I began sanding the heck out of the chest of drawers, dresser, headboard and footboard, I started to kinda really like what was underneath! We decided that if we were careful enough as we sanded, it could actually be really beautiful! This was great news to us… no priming or painting needed.

After sanding for probably 10 hours total, we sealed it with two coats of poly matte finish to keep the shine off, added a few snazzy handles and knobs, and we were done!

Throughout all of this, we also decided to move our bedroom to the front room of our house. It was about time that we shared a bigger closet and consolidated our stuff into one room… plus, it’s a little bigger than our other room. After painting both rooms and adding shelving in our closet, we have finally made the switch, and we love it! Yay for fresh twists on not so fresh stuff!

Check out our before and after photos of the furniture!






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